Wed. Aug 17th, 2022
How to Increase Page Speed? Easy Guide for You to Follow

How to increase page speed? This article will give you some great tips on optimizing your website with SEO in Toronto. You can learn how to optimize images, scripts, and compressed files. And you can also use a tool called PageSpeed Insights to determine which elements of your website are causing the slowest load time. Hopefully, this article will help you increase your page speed! We’ve got you covered!

Compressing files with Gzip

If you want to increase your page speed, one of the most efficient ways to do it is by compressing files with Gzip. There are many options to configure the gzip module, such as the type of files to compress, the compression level, and whether to proxy the files. You should also set minimum file size, as some formats are already compressed. If you’d like to increase your page speed without sacrificing page quality, try modifying your PHP code to add a gzip filter.

Optimizing scripts:

Scripts can slow down a website. For optimum page speed, try to reduce their number or move them to the page’s footer. Some developers and plugins can do this for you. However, page speed optimization does not end here. It goes beyond the simple optimization of scripts to include asynchronous loading of all scripts. Scripts located within the HTML code of a website take longer to load than those that are asynchronous.

Optimizing images:

Among the many ways to increase page speed, optimizing images can be one of the most overlooked yet highly effective. Image-heavy pages tend to load more slowly, leading to higher bounce rates. By following best practices for image optimization, you can improve page speed and ensure a better user experience while also boosting your website’s search engine rankings. In addition to increasing page speed, optimizing images can also improve the user experience by enhancing the quality of the images and bringing in more traffic.

Monitoring your load times:

To improve page speed and user engagement, you need to know what is causing slow loading time. A performance measurement tool can help you determine the root cause of the problem and find ways to improve it. Some tools help you track every aspect of your site, from APIs to the content of your page. It will allow you to test everything in production to determine what is causing the slow load time.

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